Toni Jo Coppa

I've always had an interest in psychology, but until experiencing Internal Family Systems Therapy in 2012, I did not have enough self-confidence to even consider pursuing such a thing professionally. IFS healed me in ways I had never experienced before in counseling and completely changed my life's trajectory.


Many times  I have said that making art saved my life. How I understand this now is that there were parts of me that needed so desperately to be acknowledged, but without any guidance on how to be with these parts, they showed up as intuitive creations. I was continually amazed at how many times in therapy I would see a part of me and then realize I had already created this in a sculpture or drawing. There was such a strong connection it was uncanny. I  believe Frida Kahlo was another artist who intuitively accessed her parts through art-making.


I am still an artist interested in the fascinating world of our psyches.


Please make note that I am not a therapist or a counselor. I am an IFS Practitioner. If you need psychological or medical assistance, please seek the services of a qualified professional.