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Internal Family Systems 

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Intrapsychic Journey


The Internal Family Systems Model


People are viewed as having all the resources they need rather than having a deficit.


Everyone has a Self. Self can and should lead the individual's internal system.  Self usually has the qualities of calm, curiosity, compassion, confidence, courage, clarity, connectedness and creativity. Self has no power that is not granted by the parts.


Parts are subpersonalities that may be experienced as thoughts, feelings, sensations, images, words, sounds, inner voice, and even physical symptoms. All parts want something positive for the individual and will use a variety of strategies to protect Self.


Managers and Firefighters protect the Parts that have been sent into exile. Managers run day-to-day life to keep everything running smoothly. Firefighters are impulsive, frantic, reactive and often destructive. These are the parts that distract us or dissociate us until the perceived crisis has passed.

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